Balearic government giving reassuring message to British visitors and residents. | Miquel Borras

The Balearic government today sought to send out a message of reassurance and calmness. It wished to express support, more than ever, for the European project and to reassure all citizens of the Balearics as well as British residents and visitors.

The government stressed that, while there is obvious uncertainty that the leave decision creates, there would be no immediate effect on British residents or visitors.

In its official statement, the government spoke of the need for a period of reflection during which there will need to be a rethink of the continuing work of the European project and how Britain fits in with this. "It is time to think about the reasons for the decision and to seek ways to promote a Europe in which people are once more the priority." The government suggested that there need to be more democratic mechanisms to ensure, through participation and transparency, that there is greater legitimacy to decisions taken by the EU.

"We must continue to work so that the European project is strengthened and to address the new situation in order to further progress a common project."

At national level, acting prime minister Mariano Rajoy said that the Spanish government "notes with sadness" the result of the referendum. He offered a message of calmness to the Spanish people, explaining that nothing will change in relations between the UK and the EU, and so therefore Spain, for at least two years. Rajoy added that Spain was now in a financially much stronger condition to survive any economic turbulence that the UK vote might create.

Regardless of Sunday's election result, Rajoy went on to say that he will defend Spain's commitment to European integration. The general secretary of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, offered a similar message. Observing that European leaders must "take note" of the British decision, he considered that the decision should act as a "lever" for more integration.

Sánchez attributed the result to a combination of populism and the "irresponsible" right-wing. "False populist solutions for real problems." He argued that the result should also serve as a lesson for those who wish to resolve problems through referenda, such as in Catalonia.