Dimitry Ustimenko facing twenty years for the murder of his wife in Son Bauló.

28-06-2016G. Esteban

A High Court jury in Palma today found Dimitry U. guilty of having murdered his wife on Son Baulo, Can Picafort in March 2014. The jury unanimously agreed that the accused was guilty of having murdered his wife.

During the hearing, he had told the court that they had agreed to a suicide pact. This was because of irreversible financial problems and the fear of being deported to their respective countries, Russia and the Ukraine, because they were in the country illegally. The plan was apparently to die together in the sea off Son Baulo beach.

The accused told the court that as they entered the water, his wife was smashed against the rocks by a large wave and that she lost consciousness, something which was typical with an illness she suffered from. He dragged her on to the beach but was unable to revive her, so, in a state of panic and confusion, he said that he hit her on the head with a rock.

However, the jury believed that the couple had gone for a swim and, on leaving the water, began arguing - evidence of a violent discussion was found in the sand by forensics. As the argument became more heated, the accused hit his wife with the rock - but this was not the cause of death.

The victim apparently died of "compressive asphyxia", according to the forensic report which discovered marks to her lips and gums which are common to when the chest or abdomen is compressed.

He faces 20 years.


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