As every July, the temperature is rising in the Balearics.

21-07-2015Josep Bagur Gomila

The Balearic ministry for health today issued a warning to the general public to take the necessary precautions as temperatures start to rise. Over the past week, both day and nighttime temperatures have risen and the ministry is particularly concerned for members of the public aged over 80 who either live alone or are ill, children, the chronically ill and people working outside.

Today, a series of measures to help combat the heat was issued. Some of the tips include drinking plenty of liquid but avoiding drinks containing alcohol, caffeine or lots of sugar; eating plenty of vegetables and fruit; avoid heavy and very hot foods; not exercising in the heat of the day; taking regular showers; wearing pale and light clothes made of natural fabrics; trying to avoid going out in the middle of the day - instead, if possible, going out first thing or in the evening.
The ministry also stressed the importance of storing and cooking food properly. All fruit and vegetables should be properly washed etc.

A special 061 "Salud Responde" (health response) hotline has been set up for anyone who has any doubts or wants further information.


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