The Albufera nature park in Muro is one of Majorca's principal locations for birdwatching.

16-04-2016Iratxe P

The Council of Majorca is looking to birdwatching as a means of lengthening the tourist season. Councillor Cosme Bonet (economic affairs) and the Council's director for tourism, Paula Ginard, have outlined ways in which the Council is to focus on birdwatching in attracting a wider market and in supporting sustainable tourism.

Bonet says that the Council is backing tourism that is more sustainable and which respects the land. "We want to offer the whole of Majorca. For birdwatching we can offer routes across the island, and only the island's institution is in a position to realise such a vision."

There is a new promotional name: Mallorca Birdie. This will be presented at the international Birdfair convention at Rutland Water between 19 and 21 August. This is one of the most important fairs for ornithological tourism, and the UK market is especially important for birdwatching. Brexit means that efforts will need to be strengthened for a market on which most work has in any event been devoted until now. But there is to be a broadening out in order to attract birdwatchers from the Netherlands and Scandinavia, where there are high levels of interest in birdwatching.

Discussions with certain town halls have been held as part of this promotion, with Alcudia and Pollensa having been two municipalities which have been pursuing ornithological tourism for some years. Ses Salines and Calvia are now also interested, though the intention is to get all municipalities involved.

This October there is to be a "birdie race", i.e. a marathon birdwatching event. It will take place from 21 to 23 October in different parts of Majorca, and five international teams are to be invited to take part.


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Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

I understand that an Austrian delegation will also be taking part.