When the announcement was made (Wednesday's Bulletin) of the plan for a new shopping and leisure centre in Palma, the British developers, Intu-Eurofond, said that there was support from "political authorities". If there is, it doesn't appear to come from the town hall. Mayor José Hila and the deputy-mayor Antoni Noguera (urban planning and the model of the city) have told Intu that there is not about to be a change to the city's urban plan in order to accommodate the centre.

The investment of 500 million euros and the creation of some 3,000 jobs in what is called Port Mayurqa do not match the city's model, says Noguera, who adds that there is currently a moratorium on such developments and that the preferred location for the centre near to the Estadio Balears is not earmarked for commercial development. "We will not have urbanisation 'a la carte' or modify the general plan so there can be a shopping complex there," Noguera stresses.

The deputy mayor also points to an abundance of malls, with a new one - FAN Mallorca Shopping in Coll d'en Rabassa - due to open in September.

When the announcement was made the other day, Intu said that they were aware of the moratorium but that they have the patience for a long-term project.

The town hall has received support for its stance from the regional government. The minister for employment, trade and industry, Iago Negueruela, says that the Port Mayurqa plan "does not fit into the government's business model", adding that the government is committed to improving and strengthening urban centres and more local-based trade.

Meanwhile, the two largest unions - UGT and CCOO - have given the project their backing, as it will be positive for job creation and for stable employment. The unions look upon it as a "sustainable tourism product" that will be active throughout the year. They also say that there is to be a cooperation agreement to establish a framework for human resources development.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

It would suck the life out of the more central areas of Palma.


Norman / Hace over 5 years

Wait until some of the investors money reach the pockets of the right officials. Then there will be a change of plans. Without officials and politicians sending signals like this there is no need to pay them off. Sadly this is how it works.


Silversurfer / Hace over 5 years

I am pleased to hear that the huge shopping mall will not be going ahead in Palma. It would have sounded a death nell for many areas of Palma - empty shops, bars etc. The city needs to be vibrant and welcoming not a "no-go" area.


Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

Shopping malls like this might create jobs but they also destroy them, turning city centre area into ghosts streets..


Palmadave / Hace over 5 years

The unions look upon it as a "sustainable tourism product" . What a load of rubbish. Well done the Town Hall..