Tourist arrivals in the Balearics topped the five million mark between January and June.

29-07-2016Teresa Ayuga

A quarter of foreign tourists who came to Spain in June opted for the Balearic Islands. The latest national report on tourist movement (Frontur) finds that Catalonia was second with 23.6% (two points behind the Balearic 25.6%), with Andalusia accounting for 14%.

The actual number of tourists in the Balearics in June reached 1,944.076, an increase of over eleven per cent compared with June 2015. The British market supplied a third of these visitors, closely followed by the German market. The UK was also the largest market for Spain as a whole, having provided more than two million tourists (28% of all and a rise of 17.5% over June 2015). The German market, in second position, supplied almost a million fewer.

Over the first six months of 2016, foreign tourist arrivals in the Balearics just topped five million, a rise of over 13% and slightly more than 15% of the total nationally, which was just under 33 million.

As to accommodation, it is calculated that hotel occupancy across Spain rose by 14% last month, while holiday rentals increased by just over 15%.

In the Balearics, there was 82% occupancy of what is referred to as "extrahotel" accommodation. This refers to the likes of rural accommodation, camping (a factor in Ibiza rather than Majorca) and tourist apartments, which should not be confused with holiday rental apartments. Tourist apartments form part of the regulated supply and are denoted with the AT classification.


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