Any way to cool off. Water at Palma's Sa Feixina park.

Another short period of very high temperatures will be affecting Majorca this weekend. While highs are expected to be 34C in the rest of the Balearics, they will reach 37 or 38 here. Breezes are due to be predominantly from the south and will be light.

Yellow alerts for high temperatures have been issued for today and for Sunday, which bring with them the usual advice when it is exceptionally hot, such as avoiding physical exercise and staying out of the sun during the peak hours of the day, drinking plenty of water and eating light meals with an emphasis on fruit and vegetables. There is likely to be a cooling-down from Monday, with temperatures expected to rise again later in the week.

In the rest of Spain, highs of up to 41C are anticipated in the centre, south and southwest of the country over the weekend.