Rural tourism in Majorca is enjoying a boom time. | Ultima Hora

While there has been plenty of talk of occupancy levels in resort hotels, Majorca's rural accommodation is also going through something of a boom time. According to the website Toprural, the island's rural tourist offer has one of the highest levels of demand in Europe as well as in Spain, with occupancy levels the highest in the country.

There are three principal categories of accommodation: agrotourism fincas, rural hotels and interior hotels (typically in old centres of villages/towns). Each of these categories is included within the Balearic Association for Agrotourism. Its president, Miquel Artigues, says that from June to August the levels of average occupancy have been 90%, a figure that is similar to last year and above the 60% of spring months.

The German and British markets lead the demand for rural accommodation, though the Scandinavian market (especially Swedish) has been growing in recent years. Artigues observes that on the mainland the demand stagnated because of economic crisis. Before 2007 it was significant but it is only now returning to growth.

The situation in Majorca is therefore rather healthier, and the forecasts for the next few years are positive. It is acknowledged, however, that efforts need to be made in order to maintain competitiveness and quality, as other destinations will be looking to catch up.