Would not spending on promotion reduce tourist numbers? The budget for promotion is very low in any event.


Bel Oliver, PSOE's organisational secretary in the Balearics, has responded to a call from Podemos that there should be no promotion of tourism to the islands. She said at a press conference yesterday that this is not an option, the Podemos proposal having been made as a means of avoiding so-called tourist "saturation", one of the themes of this summer.

Oliver offered her opinion when asked about criticisms from Podemos of the way in which this saturation has been handled by the government, i.e. PSOE and Més, of which tourism minister Biel Barceló is a member.

In more general terms, she also addressed the budgets for 2017. Podemos have been expressing some views on these - tourism promotion is an element, albeit a very small one - and are wanting discussion with the government regarding compliance with this year's budget. Oliver said that the budgets should reflect demands of parliamentary groups and that those for 2017 will be based on a new economic model that includes social, health and education improvements.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

So now we have a political party that wants to scrap promotion for the very thing that brings the island its wealth! Is there no limit to the stupidity of certain politicians?