One of the people arrested as part of the operation against drugs in Magalluf. | Michels

One of a series of actions against the sale of drugs in Magalluf entered its second phase on Wednesday and resulted in the Guardia Civil's arrest of four people of Pakistani origin and in the seizing of cocaine, ecstasy, crystal and 5,000 euros in cash. Three properties were raided as part of "Operación Naga", which had sprung into action in June following the identification of a drugs gang that was controlling points of sale for drugs in and around Punta Ballena.

The arrest of suspects in June did not lead to the dismantling of the gang, which continued to operate. Twenty officers moved in at nine o'clock on Wednesday morning, and the searches of properties went on for some hours.

The activities of the gang have not gone unnoticed by residents in an apartment building on Punta Ballena. There are complaints about the deterioration in the area. One resident observed: "It is full of Romanian prostitutes, English hoodlums and 'Hindu' drug dealers. Many people are aware of this, but no one wants to report it because they are afraid."

The gang operated on the street, especially at night and into the early morning, and also from apartments that had been rented. Residents were often inconvenienced by buyers going to the wrong flat and by the odd hours when they would turn up. They were also outraged by the constant traffic of people.

The operation broadened on Wednesday, as a property in Palma was also searched.