On Saturday morning (10 September), Greenpeace will be staging a rubbish-collection exercise on Es Carbó beach in Colonia Sant Jordi as a means of raising awareness of the amount of plastic in the sea. In the afternoon, the location shifts to the beach of El Molinar in Palma where there will be an information point to reinforce the message.

This is all part of a campaign "Better Without Plastics" through which Greenpeace wants to make the issue of plastic pollution in seas and oceans more visible and to demand solutions to the serious problem it poses.

The organisation says that each year some eight million tons of plastic end up in oceans. This is material that can take anything from six months to 500 years to degrade.

In the Balearics last year 780,000 tons of municipal waste were generated. In Majorca under 15% of it was collected separately (and so for potential recycling). The figure in Ibiza was similar, but was higher - 25% - in Minorca and Formentera.

Saturday's exercise is the final cleaning of twenty that have been staged since 27 August. Other exercises have involved rivers and reservoirs as well as beaches across Spain. More than 400 people have taken part and over 11,000 litres of waste have been collected.

The beach clean-up is between 10.00 and 12.00 and the information point in El Molinar will be there from 18.00 to 20.00.


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Troy Mayne / Hace over 3 years


The photo of the Green turtle eating the plastic bag belongs to me. You are not authorised to use it, you have stolen it. Please remove it immediately. This is my image from my websitehttps://www.oceanicimagery.com/turtles-marine-reptiles?lightbox=dataItem-iw1yb9dg24.

Legal action will be taken if the image is not removed immediately. Alternately you can purchase the image for use.


Geoff Dominy / Hace over 5 years

Today was the first day I have ever gone out to Can Pastilla (I cycle there everyday to swim) and was unable to swim because of garbage floating along the shoreline.


VisitingPalma / Hace over 5 years

The sea in the area between Anima to Nassau beach was full of plastic and floating rubbish this year, each day we visited we collected many items from the sea and disposed of it, people should be ashamed!