Hoteliers say that police have been controlling Magalluf's trouble spots.


According to Magalluf's hoteliers, tougher action against anti-social behaviour by local police and the Guardia Civil in Magalluf this summer has been mirrored in the resorts' hotels. There has been a 50% increase in the number of expulsions of guests during the main months of the season.

Sebastián Darder, president of the Palmanova-Magalluf hoteliers association, says that hotels have been less permissive this year when it comes to hooligan and excessive behaviour. This "firm hand" ties in with the drive towards a "new Magalluf". Actions by the hotels don't mean that there has been more trouble; what they do mean is that they reflect the attention being paid by the town hall (and its police) to bad behaviour.

Darder adds that the hoteliers are happy at the greater level of order and security on the streets. The police and Guardia, he notes, have been working on control and surveillance in the traditional trouble spots and have brought about a summer without the types of scandalous incidents of the recent past. He states that there has been much activity against illegal selling, while in hotels the cases of "balconing" have been greatly reduced ("more or less non-existent") because of these hotels' less permissive attitudes.

This new way of doing things, Darder suggests, is being shown in the high hotel occupancy rates. This September they are 10% up over last year.


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Grant / Hace over 5 years

Oh please, where does this unknown reporter get this dribble from? Perhaps he/she would like to walk round Magaluf on a Saturday night with me. Last week at least ten muggers outside Alexander's. The only police about were at the bottom of the strip, moving barriers to let cars through. This reporter is telling the Bulletins readers what they want them to believe. I found a wallet, empty of money, with driving license inside. Traced the owner who was in Magaluf for first time. He and his party of 24 won't be back. Did not know about the mugger. He does now!!


Ron Burgundy / Hace over 5 years

"action against anti-social behaviour by local police and the Guardia Civil in Magalluf this summer…"

Ah, I see. Now it's the cops that are the bad boys, is it?

Who writes this toutured syntax? If it were me, I suppose I too would want to hide behind the moniker of "By Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter."