Seizures from the police operation against the sale of synthetic marijuana. | Policia Nacional

The National Police raided three Grow Shop establishments in Palma on Thursday. Two people were arrested for the sale of synthetic marijuana, the use of which has led to the hospitalisation of some consumers, including minors.

More than 800 envelopes containing chemical substances known as Spice/Spike and K-2 were seized. These, when inhaled, produce an effect similar to marijuana but far more potent; this is why there has been the need for hospital treatment.

These substances are not controlled by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products. Their commercialisation is not permitted on account of their potential to cause serious health damage. There has been little or no research into their use and so therefore their safety.

The main business of the shops is the sale of materials for the use of cannabis and of seeds for growing marijuana.

On Wednesday, three youths lost consciousness having apparently taken synthetic marijuana. Two also suffered convulsions. Police and ambulances were called to the Son Rossinyol estate on the Soller road in Palma, and the three recovered but were nevertheless taken to Son Espases to undergo checks.