The body of the man, identified as Antonio E. M., is taken away. | Michel's

Local police officers from Calvia made a gruesome discovery on Saturday afternoon - the burned body of a man whose hands were tied. There was also evidence of a flammable liquid. The discovery was made in a tunnel inside a bunker at the old military battery in El Toro. Earlier on Saturday, relatives of the dead man, a 54-year-old resident of Calvia identified as Antonio E. M., had reported him missing. He had apparently gone for a walk on Friday, taking a backpack with him.

Around half four on Saturday, two walkers found a backpack near to the battery; it contained documentation related to the missing man. It was soon after that the police found the body, there having been an aerial search for him by the Guardia Civil's helicopter. The police initially believed that he had been murdered. But subsequent investigations and an autopsy carried out on Sunday led criminal police officers from the Guardia Civil to conclude that it had been a suicide.