Princess Elena at the bullfight this summer. Her daughter Victoria is standing next to her. | Miquel A. Cañellas

Palma town hall is seeking to impose the maximum fine available to it - 20,000 euros - for minors having been allowed in to watch two bullfights staged in the city in the summer. The fine would be levied against the promoter of the bullfights.

The National Police has given the town hall information related to the presence of minors, and the process of applying sanctions is still ongoing. There is, though, some fairly clear evidence of violations. Under-16s are not allowed into bullfights, yet the presence of the daughter of Princess Elena was well-publicised. Victoria, King Felipe's niece, was still only fifteen when she attended a bullfight with her mother and older brother.

The town hall administration, after its political complexion was altered following last year's election, has already fined the promoter for the same violations at bullfights in 2015. Palma town hall is one of the many municipalities in Majorca that has declared itself to be against bullfighting. The regional government's law banning bullfighting has still yet to be approved and the legislative process will not be advanced for the time being. It may indeed come to a complete halt. This is because the Constitutional Court is due to issue a ruling related to the banning of bullfighting in Catalonia. It is widely anticipated that the court will rule against the Catalonian government. A similar ban in the Balearics would then be deemed to be unconstitutional.

David Abril, parliamentary spokesperson for Més, acknowledges that it isn't wise to move ahead with the legislation at present. And if the court confirms that the Catalonia ban is unconstitutional, then the Balearic government would have to rethink.