A National Police officer has saved the life of a 17-year-old girl who was intent on jumping from the fifth floor of the old Sa Nostra "residencia" building in Palma.

Officers had responded to an emergency call which suggested that there were various people who were stealing from the building. When they arrived, they encountered two vagrants with a shopping trolley with metal and objects from the building. While they were dealing with them, a woman approached the officers and asked for help in locating her daughter. The woman explained that the girl was involved with an older man and that she had tried to commit suicide; the relationship appeared to be over.

A cry was apparently heard from an upper floor. One of the officers, José Fidalgo, went to the fifth floor where the 17-year-old was on the balcony. She was holding onto the railing, having climbed over it. Just as she let go, the officer grabbed her. She tried to get free, but other officers arrived and pulled her to safety. Officer Fidalgo said it was something of a miracle that he had been able to grab hold of her. "I still haven't come to terms with what happened," said the officer, who is now being hailed as a hero.