Lemon Factory had launched a social media campaign to support the battle for the Pep name.

08-10-2016Pep Lemon

Lemon Factory, the Majorcan company that markets Pep Lemon, has lost its legal battle to use the name. The Balearic High Court has ruled in favour of PepsiCo, which had argued that the names were similar and that Pep Lemon would be able to benefit from a reputation (that of Pepsi) that had been acquired over decades.

Pep Lemon first appeared some three years ago. A few months after the launch of the lemonade, other drinks were introduced - Pep Toni (a tonic), Pep Orange and Pep Cola. It may have been the latter which really provoked Pepsi into registering its opposition to the name.

The makers of Pep Lemon have insisted that there is no confusion with the Pepsi name (Pep is, after all, a common male name in Catalan). Negotiations were entered into with Pepsi, but without success, meaning that the courts had to decide.

Lemon Company has ten days to appeal. If it doesn't, it will have to cease using the Pep name, although there could be a further appeal to the Supreme Court.


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Ron / Hace over 5 years

The courts have decided in favour of Pepsi, and I can't see why they wouldn't. I think it was a silly decision for Pep Lemon to introduce cola. You can't fight those big companies. But I think their defence was stupid. To say that phonetically the 'e' in Pep was weak and the 'e' in Pepsi was strong didn't fool the judge - even though the company pulled out a professor of lingüistics from the UIB to strengthen their case. They say the judge was insensitive to catalán. Well - if they are so fond of the catalán why is the product not called:

Pep Llimona (or llimó) - catalán or even Pep Limón - castellano but they call it Pep Lemon (English!)

Also the business is called Lemon Factory (English) and why not Fábrica Llimona (or Llimó) - catalán or even Fábrica Limòn - castellano

Anybody is welcome to explain this to me!! But I just think they are trying to reach international markets instead of catalán markets, and it's all just sour grapes rather than sour lemons!!

By the way - I like the drink!