One of the hiding places uncovered by the Guardia Civil's operation. | Guardia Civil

Two men, both Albanian, and an Ecuadorean woman have been arrested, suspected of having committed more than one hundred robberies this year alone. A Guardia Civil operation, "Boqueta", has resulted in the detentions of what had become known as the "drill gang" because of the use of a drill to make holes in windows; a rod would then be inserted through the hole to assist in opening the windows.

The woman and one of the men were arrested last week. The man is now in prison. The second man was detained on Monday and was in court today.

The investigations were led by the criminal police in Calvia and were apparently complicated by the fact that the Albanians had false Italian identity. The Guardia operation uncovered various hiding places across the island where stolen goods and cash were stashed. Tools used in the robberies were buried in woods so as to prevent their being found if there were police controls in the areas where the crimes were committed. Three properties were raided and other stolen goods were recovered.

Stolen goods will be on display at the Guardia Civil's station in Son Bugadelles between 10.00 and 14.00 from Monday to Wednesday next week.