No increase of hotel tax in Puerto Pollensa. | Andrew Ede

It had been thought that a progressive rate of property tax was to be introduced in Pollensa. The proposal was for higher rates to be applied to commercial properties over a certain value.

That was the proposal, but the council meeting on Friday at which it was due to have been approved was called off. This was because the UMP (Unió Mollera Pollencina) advised the mayor that it wouldn't be supporting the measure.

The UMP governs the town hall along with Junts Avançam. It contributes one councillor, Andres Nevado, who is the town hall delegate for Puerto Pollensa. Following a meeting he had with hoteliers, he said that they (and other businesses) considered the new tax arrangement to be unfair. He went on to say that the UMP is not a party of "ideologies" and will be against any rise in tax, adding that the town hall has no problem with revenues.

Mayor Miquel Angel March responded by saying that Nevado had been in agreement with the tax proposal but had changed his mind. The mayor said that investment that has been going into and will go into tourist areas (i.e. Puerto Pollensa and the semi-pedestrianisation) involved an increase in tax collection.

The Alternativa per Pollença, which had been instrumental in proposing the tax change, has said that the UMP is being guided by the hotels and large businesses and is defending the privileges of the wealthy.