A Caritas soup kitchen in Ibiza.

10-06-2016Daniel Espinosa

Following the release of the report exposing high levels of poverty in Majorca and the Balearics, the Esquerra Unida (United Left) party has stated that poverty and marginalisation are entrenched in the Balearics. Despite economic growth, the party notes, more than a quarter of the population is at risk of social exclusion. It is calling, therefore, for a profound change to the islands' economic model.

"While we have record seasons and while the luxury tourism segment increases, there is a different reality, that of poverty and marginalisation." Juanjo Martínez, the coordinator of the Esquerra Unida, says that this situation affects a high percentage of the population who cannot enjoy the improvements to the economy.

The figure cited in the report of 26.4% of the population being at risk of poverty and social exclusion is similar to the 27.8% in 2013. This, the party says, is evidence of the entrenched nature of poverty in the Balearics.

The ten per cent of the population in extreme poverty demonstrates, adds Martínez, the social failure of the economic model. "It creates great inequality based on the reduction of wages and the brutal exploitation of workers who are not compensated for the work they do."

Labour reform, the party believes, has brought about the situation in which unemployment remains very high and benefits have been reduced. It is demanding increased benefits for the unemployed and a significant increase in the minimum wage as well as the combating of fraud and labour over-exploitation. "Policies are also needed for employment and economic diversification in order that there is not so much dependence on the tourism sector, one which doesn't create quality employment."


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Larry HENSON / Hace over 5 years

I hate it when statistics quote "At RISK of". This means nothing in a report!


Colin / Hace over 5 years

I agree more Mallorcans should be employed however this is difficult when so few of them speak English. When they are unable to communicate with their employers or customers it creates a huge chasm and consigns them to the bottom of the employment pecking order. Education is the only way the lives of the workers can be improved, other than handouts of course.


Oh Please! / Hace over 5 years

One quarter of the population is an astonishing figure, but hardly surprising as business here appears to be hell-bent on maximizing profits at all costs. The issue they don't see though is that without healthy, happy, and dedicated employees - they have no business.

Of course all of this should be great news for "Wolfgang" as he only wants wealthy people here anyway. Perhaps he could fund some beds on the cruise ships to take the 25% off the island to clean up the place a little....