The Sant Ferran police station where the transport department is also based. | Archive - Alejandro Sepúlveda

Another anti-corruption scandal is breaking in Palma. While investigations continue into allegations of corruption among the local police force (which have now also implicated politicians), a new investigation has started into the contract for operating the ORA blue zone car parking system.

A dozen people were detained this morning when officers from the National Police went to the town hall and also to the Sant Ferran local police headquarters (the transport department is in fact based at Sant Ferran). Those arrested include the head of the transport department in the city, Miquel F. R., and the person in charge of fines.

The National Police investigation is understood to be into an allegedly fraudulent contract with Dornier, the company which operates the ORA. The twelve people being questioned are from the departments of transport, procurement and operations (this is part of the city's finance division). All are officials. No politicians have been detained.