Roller skiing accident in Playa de Palma.

19-10-2016Vasil Vasilev

An 18-year-old Norwegian tourist was rushed to hospital this morning after suffering a serious accident while out roller skiing in Playa de Palma.

Emergency services say the accident happened just after 09.00 along Avenida America. Apparently the victim and a friend were roller skiing in the direction of the Hotel Pueblo Park at a "considerable" speed behind a coach.

However, the coach slowed to enter one of the hotel complexes. His fellow skier managed to avoid the coach, but the teenager hit the coach and bounced into the path of an oncoming lorry in the other lane. The Norwegian was instantly knocked out and given immediate first aid by paramedics at the scene before being rushed to hospital suffering from severe head injuries. The lorry driver told investigating police that he could have done nothing to have avoided the skier.

Roller skiing is an off-snow equivalent to cross-country skiing. Roller skis have wheels on their ends and are used on tarmac to emulate cross-country skiing. The skiing techniques used are very similar to techniques used in cross-country skiing on snow.


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David / Hace over 5 years

I am undecided on this. On the one hand, we've all done daft stuff when young...I remember skateboarding down a steep hill and across roads when young...and I certainly have sympathy for this guy...on the other hand, I was driving in this area a few days before this incident and saw three people doing something similar while abreast of each other...they might even have been the same people. And yes, I did curse a bit when they cut me up in my little car with my little baby inside...


Rosemary / Hace over 5 years

It is very worrying to see these roller skiers on the main roads. I have seen them on two occasions on the road between Inca and Caimari amongst all the usual traffic. They are not proper road vehicles and are exposing themselves to danger.


Esteve / Hace over 5 years

Totally agree with those below. What if a driver had to swerve and killed an innocent bystander. Those that voted thumbs down to these comments would soon change their tune. But that's the problem today too many do-gooders and PC, and no common sense.


Mike / Hace over 5 years

I totally agree with you John I had a good laugh and he will probably won't do it a second time Also some of those so called tourists race on seafront promenades incl Segways type of machines


John / Hace over 5 years

No sympathy for the "roller-skier" at all, they absolutely should not be on the roads. My sympathies are with the other drivers involved. The same with the racing cyclists and their antics on our roads, wer'e sick to the teeth with it.