The school in Palma where the incident involving the eight-year-old occurred. | Alejandro Sepulveda


Lawyers acting for the eight-year-old girl, who was assaulted in the playground at the Anselm Turmeda school in Son Roca, Palma by seven pupils, today filed a complaint with the juvenile prosecution service, citing attempted murder and/or serious injuries, as reported by the Son Espases Hospital's emergency department.

They will also be taking action for alleged criminal offences against the school's management, the tutor and the teachers responsible for vigilance during the break time. A further suit against the education ministry for alleged malfeasance and other offences is also being considered. In respect of this particular action, they added that it would also be directed against the minister, Martí March, and senior officials who had participated in the administrative enquiry into the aggression, for its processing and for the lack of attention to the claims made by the parents.

They said that the parents and relatives of the girl wish to publicly demonstrate their indignation with the unjust treatment by and baseless facts stated by various bodies, among them the education ministry.

The ministry's inspectors concluded that the incident at the school was the result of a dispute over a ball and they totally ruled out that it had been a case of bullying. The seven pupils involved were aged eight to twelve. They have since received suspensions from the school of up to five days.