More seats on planes to Majorca this winter; well over half of them for the domestic market.

Between 30 October and 25 March, airlines using Palma airport have scheduled increases of 5.1% more seats and 3.3% more flights. These correspond to 5,622,400 seats and more than 36,000 flights.

The bulk of these seats - 3.2 million - will be for domestic operations on 22,570 national flights. The second highest number will be for German flights (1.4 million) with UK flights third and accounting for 410,000 seats. The Swiss market, fourth on the list, will provide 194,500 places, a rise of 15%. The number of routes being operated this winter will be 115, the same as last winter.

For the three Balearic airports together, 7.3 million seats and 50,450 flights are scheduled.

The increases in seats and flights are in response to tour operator and tourist demand. It is expected that there will be more hotels open in Majorca this winter, with some of these being open to accommodate Spanish pensioners on Imserso holidays.