A spectacular season for the hotels. But was it for everyone? | Archive

The tourism season is over, and for the hoteliers it was very positive; some are describing it as "spectacular". Although occupancy rates in the high summer months of July and August - in excess or well in excess of 90% - were normal, it was the rates in other months that contributed to this spectacular performance. For example, occupancy in Calvia in June and September was touching 90%.

In the north of the island, Jaume Horrach of the Alcudia-Can Picafort hoteliers association, says that the season was good because of the level of business at its start and at its end. Some hotels in the zone are still open and don't plan on closing until the middle of the month. Many hotels will reopen by the end of February or early March.

In Soller, the first hotels to reopen are expected to do so at the end of January. In Cala d'Or, the hoteliers are anticipating that the season will start in February (there will be one hotel open through the winter). Seasonal adjustment and decent weather are contributory factors as inevitably are ongoing issues elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

Demand this season has meant that there weren't the same peaks in tourist numbers as is normally the case. The hoteliers association in Andratx notes that prices stayed at high levels as there was no need to offer discounts in order to fill places.

In Cala Millor, it is much the same story. Occupancy of the 35,000 places on the bay of Cala Millor was once more very high in July and August, while there was an increase in occupancy in other months. Cala Ratjada also enjoyed increased numbers. There, the hoteliers association president Joan Ferrer says that every effort is being made to extend the season through enhanced offers, such as sports tourism.

Ferrer also observes that the so-called saturation of tourists has nothing to do with the hotels. It is due to the "illegal offer". He estimates that there are some 1,500 accommodation places that are "not controlled".