The proposed new look for the square in Magalluf.


Businesses in Magalluf have presented a project proposal to Calvia town hall which would open up the calle Punta Ballena and allow it to be connected to the sea front.

The proposal centres on the Plaza Jack Sasson, which is where the old Atlantic hotel stood before being demolished twenty years ago. The group argues that this area has been poorly developed, with green parts having been reduced to a minimum and a badly levelled surface producing flooding. The project would envisage the removal of architectural barriers (i.e. features which present obstacles) and the dismantling of the enclosure used for rubbish containers.

It is considered to be a degraded area that becomes an improvised store for illegal street selling and also the sale of drugs. The businesspeople believe it is an area which therefore conveys a nasty image of Magalluf while at the same time making beach access difficult.

The hope is that the project can be carried out before next season. The town hall is well disposed to the idea as it would be in line with renewal of the resort's infrastructure. The town hall will shortly present a plan for "humanizing" the area.


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Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 5 years



james thomson / Hace over 5 years

Firstly, try getting rid of the brothels and half the tattoo parlours, police the party boats and bringing some restaurants back...


Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

When I first saw those artists' impressions I assumed it was one of those winter snowfall photographs. Not exactly an inspiring outlook is it?


Jon Milburn / Hace over 5 years

Gotta love that expression' humanizing the resort'does that mean no more animals allowed in magaluf?