Cycling and sports tourism are among promotional targets.

17-07-2011Julián Aguirre

The Majorca Tourism Foundation, which has been revived by the current administration at the Council of Majorca, will have a budget of 800,000 euros for 2017. This is twice as much as the budget for 2016. The Council will provide 372,500 euros and the Balearic Tourism Agency 327,500; the remainder will come from what apparently has been left over this year.

Cosme Bonet, the councillor for economic affairs, says that the foundation is the main focus of the Council's tourism interests and is being prepared for receiving greater responsibilities for tourism promotion in 2017 (as part of a devolution of tourism powers to island councils). Bonet adds that the most important issue regarding these responsibilities is that they are transferred rather than there being a "battle" over budgets, i.e. how much the regional government is willing to fund the Council.

Bonet stresses that the Council cannot be left behind and wants the powers to be handed to it as soon as possible. The foundation will concentrate on promotion that reduces the pressure on the high season. This will therefore be in line with the regional government's thinking, as will be the principal product areas: nature, culture and gastronomy, and sport. All of this will (naturally enough) conform to a sustainable tourism that is respectful of the environment.

There will also be a boost for audiovisual industry through the reactivation of the Majorca Film Commission: 100,000 euros will go towards productions in Majorca.

During next year, the foundation will put out for tender two contracts, both to the value of 100,000 euros, for promoting Majorca in national and international publications. The Council will also continue to be represented at the main travel fairs, such as Berlin, London and Madrid.

When the foundation was revived last year, President Miquel Ensenyat said: "We want to promote Majorca from other perspectives, as the island is much more than sun and beach. We have much to offer, such as heritage, culture, the Tramuntana mountains, cycling routes and gastronomy."


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Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

First we are told we have too many tourists. Now we are spending money looking for more.