Police were active in clamping down on drinking in the summer and will be again at Christmas.

10-06-2016J.B. / R.S.

With Christmas approaching, the Balearic health ministry is reviving a campaign it started in the summer on alcohol consumption. Called #nosiguisase (don't be an ass), it is directed at the over-18s and puts out messages via social networks warning of the risks associated with alcohol. It stresses the need for young and older adults to be examples to minors, and sets out some of the potential consequences of excessive alcohol consumption - accidents, fights, alcoholic coma, risky or unwanted sexual behaviour, creating noise and mess.

The campaign comes under the ministry's plan for addictions and drug dependency, and those responsible for the plan say that it was well received in the summer.

Specific messages that will be sent out include: "If you go out to parties with your fellow workers, don't forget that if you drink alcohol you can't drive"; "Use public transport"; "Before going out, think about the night that awaits you and how you want it to end"; "Grab all you need: money, ID, condoms ..."; "Homemade cocktails are dangerous".


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