Executive chef Leon Altamirano, rooms division manager Vanessa Castro, and head of sales and events Gabriella Nachmansohn.

09-12-2016Humphrey Carter

Everybody has heard of the brand Puro, be it the hotel in Palma or its famous beach club, but have you been to either? If not, why not because they are both open to the public and this Christmas the hotel is offering a delicious selection of menus for company and group parties from a tapas to the ‘special’ menu in its OPIO Restaurant which nestles next to its chic bar with house DJs.

Swedish entrepreneur and founder of the Puro brand, Mats Wahlström, opened the hotel in 2004 and two years later it was taken over by a Spanish group, but the Puro brand has always maintained Wahlström’s travelling, cosmopolitan and nomadic spirit which reflects his lifestyle and that of many of its clients.

While Puro Hotel now offers 51 rooms, including a private wing, of award-winning designed bedrooms and suites, the brand has spread across the world and is continuing to grow. The Puro experience can be found in Marbella, Vilamoura, Dubai, Barcelona, the United Arab Emirates and Crete, while this summer Puro will hit Kos and deals have been struck in Egypt and Morocco. But closer to home, Puro Beach is undergoing a major makeover this winter and a new Puro beach club will be opening in Illetas next summer.

Puro Hotel Palma is a contemporary design hotel located in a XVIII century palace. Therefore, the architecture is a delight and the interiors decorated with modern and avant-garde art and furnishings. But the secret to Puro is "happiness". Manager Vanessa Castro, executive chef Leon Altamirano and head of sales and events, Gabriella Nachmansohn, explained that happiness is the key to Puro’s success.

"Front and back of house, if the staff aren’t happy, we can’t transmit that joy to our guests and that’s ultimately what we want. We want our guests to enter the hotel and feel happiness, pleasure and comfort. Whether they are on business or holiday, we want them to enjoy the Puro experience.

"We have this perfect location just off La Lonja, but once inside, our guests can escape in this urban oasis," they explained.

And nothing is too much trouble, even if lying on a Balinese bed on one of the roof-top terraces - all you have to do is pick up the phone and a waiter will appear with your order within minutes.

And the roof top terraces with the summer sky bar are open to the public; sunbeds etc. included. As is the spa, bar and restaurant which specialises in a fusion of Mediterranean, Asian and South American influences. It is best described as a "transcultural venue" where over this festive season a series of attractive and exciting options for corporate, company and group lunches or dinners are on offer, the latter being the best option because clients then have access to the bar with special prices and live music and the prices are extremely competitive. Leon explained that he has a very tight but professional team in the kitchen and, like the rest of the Puro concept, they have to keep up with the latest trends in gastronomic fashion.

"It’s like years ago sushi became the in thing. Today, it’s the norm and everyone is eating it. So, just like every walk of life, habits and influences change and in the kitchen, just like front of house when it comes to the furnishings, art, decor, music and even the menu in the bar, we have to be contemporary. That said, I like to experiment in the kitchen and fusion gives us a chance to bring new dishes to the menu.

"At the moment, the emphasis is very much on ecological and zero kilometre food. I like to use fresh local or Mediterranean produce of the very best quality and then we’ll think about how we can bring in a South American or Asian touch," Leon, who has been at Puro since 2006, said. "We have regular meetings to discuss what we’re going to be doing next and how it’s all got to come together. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t, but there’s always lot of input from all of us."

The peak of the festivities is obviously New Year’s Eve. The party begins at 8pm and continues until 4am. During that time guests will be treated to finger food, some 20-plus dishes, an open bar and see in the New Year on the roof deck terrace with champagne and the lucky grapes. At midnight, doors will be open to the public with the Puro DJs keeping the party going into the early hours.

And those Djs are part of the Puro music label. The Puro brand even has its own sound of lounge and chill-out music. "It’s all part of creating a ‘wow factor’ for our guests, be they staying here or the general public," Vanessa explained. "That’s part of our philosophy."

Gabriella, in charge of organising the numerous events the hotel and beach club host throughout the year (they have a fashion show next week), was quick to underline that they have a lot of repeat guests.

"That’s great because it enables us to build up a very close relationship with our guests so each time they come, we all get a bit closer and we all feel more comfortable around each other which enhances their stay with us. We also get to know what they want and expect so we can have all that ready before they arrive," she said.

"And being so central and close to the marinas, we’re also a popular venue for the crews during the regattas. During the Copa del Rey, one entire team takes over the hotel and makes full use of all the facilities such as the media and conference rooms for team meetings."

In the meantime, if you fancy a new experience over the festive season, you now know where to go.

For more information www.purohotel.com


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