The scene of yesterday’s incident. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Alejandro Sepulveda

Three members of the National Police were overcome by fumes from a  toxic cloud at the scene of a suicide in Palma yesterday.

According to police sources, the alarm was raised at 11am when they received a call from the victim’s brother who reported that he had just found a suicide note.

The three policemen headed to the scene and on arrival, found another note with a warning that a highly toxic substance was present.

However, despite the warning, the three officers were overcome by the  toxic fumes.
One had to be rushed by ambulance to the  Palma Planas Clinic while the other two were able to make their own way to the hospital.

The police activated the Nuclear, Radiology, Biological and Chemical alarm  while the Prevention and Reaction Unit has sealed off the area and neighbours were  warned to stay in doors.