The cava was flowing in Palma, where there were three second prize numbers. | Miquel A. Cañellas

Majorca has had its fair share of luck with the Christmas Lottery. While the winning 66513 was in Madrid, there were four second prizes totalling 500,000 euros in all: three in Palma and one in Magalluf.

The owner of the relevant lottery office in Magalluf said that his establishment, Bar Cupido, had received calls from various people who confirmed that they had the winning "decimo", but he was unable to say quite how many had been sold.

Two fourth prizes for 59444 and 07211 went to Palma and Can Picafort in the case of the first series and to Puerto Pollensa for the second. The 59444 prize of 20,000 euros per decimo had one particularly lucky winner. The mother of the owner of the Can Picafort lottery office had been awarded it because clients hadn't liked it the number.

The fourth prize in Puerto Pollensa, at the lottery office on Juan XXIII, involved 14 decimos and a share of 280,000 euros.

There were also fifth prizes for the numbers 22259, 19152, 68981, 03371 and 60272 in Alcudia, Inca and Palma.

There was a total prize value of 2,310 million euros this year, which was 70 million more than last year. The "Gordo", the winning series, is worth 400,000 euros per decimo.