Phase one of the project was completed in May this year. | schittelkopp

The second phase of Puerto Pollensa's semi-pedestrianisation project was meant to have started in November. Yesterday's council session finally approved the second phase. This will cost in all 2.1 million euros, and the project plan is to be put out to public consultation and submissions for a period of thirty days. It would appear that the second phase will not now commence until after the coming tourism season.

Councillor Tomeu Cifre Bennàsar, who is responsible for urban planning, said that the project is not totally what is needed for the front line road but that it is a substantial improvement on what had previously been proposed.

The Alternativa per Pollença, which has consistently argued in favour of full pedestrianisation, has said that the administration of Junts Avançam and Unió Mollera Pollencina is responsible for the delay in adopting the project. Opposition parties had been blamed because of their concerns with credit for its financing, which had initially put a block on the second phase.

The opposition is still not convinced about the project because a general plan for mobility in Puerto Pollensa has not been drawn up. The pedestrianisation, it is argued, requires that there should be such a plan.