Demand for all-inclusive packages from the UK market is increasing.

28-07-2009P. Lozano

Millions of Britons are busy online searching for their summer holidays and early market indications of an increase in demand for all-inclusive holidays have proven correct.

Research for the 2016 Travel Weekly Insight Report, published on 9 December, showed a three-point rise year on year in prospective UK holidaymakers intending to book an all-inclusive break; this went up to 43% of all those planning an overseas holiday in 2017.

That may not sound much of an increase, but the study found an additional 14-point rise to 21% in those undecided about whether to book an all-inclusive holiday, suggesting in total that as many as two out of three UK adults planning a holiday next year might look at an all-inclusive booking.

When research firm Kantar TNS asked the same question for Travel Weekly a year ago more than half the respondents (52%) said they were unlikely to make an all-inclusive booking. This October, just 31% said they were unlikely to.

And market reports today indicate that demand for all-inclusive holidays is certainly on the increase, especially in the Balearics, the Canary Islands and Greece, the latter of which is trending very well with online searches and could give the Spanish islands a run for their money this summer: prices have dropped, thus making Greece a cheaper destination.

Thomas Cook today noted that all-inclusives were proving more popular, adding that the results "highlighted the trend we identified in October, that more holidaymakers will opt for an all-inclusive holiday in 2017". The operator subsequently increased its all-inclusive offering by 20% for summer 2017.


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Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 4 years

In reality, it isn't the all inclusive that's killing the resorts, it's the hotels closing for so long in the winter. Many all-inclusive guests still eat and drink outside of the hotels for many reasons, including those below. But five months is not enough for the businesses outside to continue to exist. Please note also that this issue is apparent, which means that any business owner wishing to retire has lost the saleabilty of his business, and will lead to further poverty in the future. There is no need for this to happen, if the hotels were obliged to remain open 12 months it would change everything. The hotel staff would be paying taxes instead of making claims for assistance, a major difference surely. While we're here, the private rental sector is already helping in this respect, and more flights are becoming available. We need a Government to be strong to the powerful hoteliers, that's the root of the problem.


Mike / Hace over 4 years

All inclusive is for obese alcoholic layabouts who can't be bothered to entertain or feed there own kids and they wonder why they grow up fat and lazy the food they serve up I wouldn't give to a dog all uk travel agents should pay a heavy tax bill for encouraging obesity


Andy Rawson / Hace over 4 years

All inclusives are the alcoholics' choice and all that entails.


S. / Hace over 4 years

ALL INCLUSIVE IS DESTROYING MALLORCA.' s ECONOMY. TOURIST TAX., VERY LOW EURO EXCHANGE RATES,, HOTELIERS NOW CONTROL EVERYTHING ON THE ISLAND. ALL INCLUSIVE includes, Tours,Car Hire, Night Shows, in fact virtually any business, except for Bars,Restaurants,Shops etc. that are closing,and owners leaving the Island. Until Land Owners find a loss of rental income, is affecting their luxurious lifestyle. Nothing will be done to stop the rot.


E Weldon / Hace over 4 years

All Includive packages damage the Mallorquin infrastructure! Tourists who use AI packages tend to stay in the hotel complex and not spend money out with the hotel! Some AI clients will venture out the hotel complex and spend some money in local shops and coffee bars-When will the Local Government Offices realise that All Inclusive Hotels cause the problems-when tourists go to half board hotel packages they will spend time out with the hotel and holiday apartment/villa tourists help the Mallorcan economy by eating out-hiring a car etc Mallorca needs Less All Inclusive Hotels Not more!


Lawrie / Hace over 4 years

The last thing Mallorca needs is more all-inclusive hotel's and the calibre of tourist it attracts. The island desperately needs more quality tourism with the resultant diverse spend that comes with it. They should be actively encouraging this, it benefits everyone. The problem is high end tourists do not want to travel to destinations famed for their high proportion of all-inclusive's. Thats not snobbery its a fact.


Ron / Hace over 4 years

If this research is correct no doubt the minister for research, tourism and development knows about it and will act on it accordingly. I was under the impression that he wanted to reduce all inclusive packages which bring too many tourists, rather than encourage them. 43% say they intend to book this type of holiday. 21% said they might. That would imply 64% total. This would leave only 36% who said they were unlikely to, presumably staying in non-all inclusive hotels, villas and apartments - (seems like an 'A' level maths question!). So why does he want to continually screw down those villa and apartment owners, well in the minority? Of course he will always favour the hoteliers to the exclusion of any other competition. And with a 20% hike in prices the poor tourist won't have much money to spend anywhere else!


Keith / Hace over 4 years

And it's all inclusive the benefits no one . The locals miss out on trade. I can't stand the idea of all inclusive. It's the high of rudeness to goto another country and ignore local people and cuisine. We have learned to speak the local language by engaging with the beautiful mallorquín people. We have made friends with them. And as a result we are now moving to Mallorca. Try the local cuisine it's natural and miles better than any all inclusive.


Daver / Hace over 4 years

Why ? We self cater every year. The kids do not miss out on any opportunity to have ice cream or whatever for lunch, dinner etc. They have plenty drinks, they meet the locals and try their hand at Spanish. They see the beauty of Mallorca and the people. Why sit around a pool eating degrading buffet food with less than satisfying drinks all day. Pay less and enjoy more.