The Three Kings arriving in Palma in 2015. | Teresa Ayuga

Inca. From 10.00: Monday, 2 January to Thursday, 5 January.

Palma. 10.00-21.00: Monday, 2 January to Friday, 6 January.

Puerto Portals. 12.00-21.00: Monday, 2 January to Friday, 6 January. (Now extended until 8 January.)

Monday, 2 January
Alcudia / Puerto Alcudia. 17.30: Arrival of Royal Pages on horseback. Paseo Marítimo and then 18.30 at Porta des Moll (Plaça Carles) in Alcudia.

Puerto Pollensa. 18.00: Procession from the church square to the yacht club. 18.30: Arrival of the Royal Pages at the yacht club. Letters delivered at 19.00 at the Miquel Capllonch Cultural Centre.

Tuesday, 3 January
Buger. 16.00: In front of the town hall.

Inca. 10.00-13.30 / 17.00-20.00: In Plaça Espanya. (Also Wednesday.)

Palma. 17.00: Passeig Born.

Thursday, 4 January
Soller. 11.00-13.30. A Royal Page handing out sweets. C. sa Lluna. (Also Friday.)

Thursday, 5 January.
Deya. 16.30: In front of the town hall.

Thursday, 5 January
Alaro. 18.00: Arrival of the Kings in Plaça Vila.

Alcudia / Puerto Alcudia. 18.15: Kings arrive at the old pier in Puerto Alcudia. 18.45: Parade stops at the church for the adoration and then continues to Alcudia town. 19.30: Arrival of the parade from the port at the Porta des Moll (market square). Adoration, live nativity scene. 20.00: Kings wave from the town hall balcony. 20.15: Presents are delivered house by house.

Algaida. 18.00: Kings and the Algaida Band of Music at Sa Plaça. (Pina at 18.45.)

Andratx / Puerto Andratx / S'Arracó. 18.30 in Puerto Andratx; 19.00, S'Arracó; 19.30, Andratx, Plaça Espanya.

Arenal. 17.30: Arrival at the yacht club. Accompanied by the band of music from C. Roses to the municipal offices and greeting by the Kings from the balcony.

Arta. 19.30: From C. Ciutat to the town hall, official reception and giving out of presents.

Badia Gran. 18.00: Mass and then arrival of the Kings in Plaça Almirall Joan de Borbó.

Biniali. 18.30: Arrival of the Kings at the Plaça Església.

Biniamar. 18.00: Kings arrive at Plaça Major.

Buger. 18.00: Arrival of the Kings at the town hall.

Bunyola. 19.00: Parade.

Caimari. 18.00: Kings at the Creu de Caimari and on to the church for presents.

Cala Bona. 18.30: Arrival in Cala Bona and then at 19.00 at the civic centre, plus hot chocolate and ensaimadas.

Cala d'Or. 18.30: Arrival at the port and then accompaniment by the band of music.

Cala Ratjada. 17.00: Floats, band of drums and cornets and Royal Pages from Elionor Servera to the pier. 18.15: Arrival of the Kings at the pier.

Calonge. 19.30: Arrival at the church and then presents in the church hall.

Calvia (village). 18.30: The Kings from the sports centre to the church square and Sa Societat for the present giving.

Campanet. 19.00: Kings arrive at the Plaça Major.

Campos. 19.00: Departure from Creu de sa Parada, adoration at the church, mayor's reception and greeting of children at the town hall.

Can Picafort. 18.30: Arrival of the Kings at the port, parade of floats to the church and handing-out of presents.

Capdepera. 21.00: At the town hall, plus adoration of Jesus at the church, photos with the Kings and sweets.

Cas Concos. 19.00: By the church.

Colonia Sant Pere. 18.30: Arrival at the pier, then to the church and afterwards at the cultural centre.

Consell. 18.00: Parade and then arrival at the Plaça Major. Presents handed out at 19.00.

Costitx. 18.00: Kings and floats arrive.

Deya. 19.00:  Arrival of the Kings with presents given at the church.

El Toro. 17.00: Arrival at Port Adriano, where there will be hot chocolate. At 18.30, the procession arrives at the El Toro urbanisation. Presents at 19.00 in Port Adriano.

Es Capdellà. 17.30: The Kings from C. Galatzo and to the church for presents.

Es Llombards. 18.30. Arrival at the church.

Esporles. 18.00: Arrival at Plaça de l'Ajuntament and then to the church for the adoration, followed by delivery of presents.

Estellencs. 18.30: At the Plaça Triquet.

Felanitx. 20.00: Arrival at the Plaça sa Font de Santa Margalida.

Inca. 11.00: Exhibition of the Kings' floats at the General Luque Quarter. 17.00: The Kings greet children on the courtyard of Crist Rei Church. Parade at 18.00 fro the church to the Santa Maria la Major Church.

Lloret de Vistalegre. 19.00: Plaça Església. Arrival of the Kings.

Lloseta. 17.30: Royal Pages enter Plaça Espanya and at 18.00 the Kings set off from C. Morull to Plaça Espanya and the palace.

Llubi. 18.30: C. Carretera to Plaça Església.

Llucmajor. 19.00: Passeig Jaume III to the parish church, accompanied by the band of music, pages and lorries of toys. Kings' reception at the Casa de la Vila, followed by adoration at the church and delivery of presents.

Manacor. 18.00: Kings arrive at Torre de ses Puntes, leave at 18.20. 18.45: Parade arriving at 19.15 for the adoration at the Dolors parish church. 19.45: Kings' greeting, sweets and presents.

Mancor de la Vall. 18.00: Kings at Plaça de Baix, greetings at the town hall and then presents at the church.

Maria de la Salut. 19.00: Arrival of the Kings in Plaça des Pou.

Marratxi. 17.00: Es Figueral, Sa Cabaneta and Cas Capita; 18.00: Es Pont d'Inca and Portol.

Montuiri. 18.00: Kings arrive in Plaça Major.

Moscari. 18.30: Arrival of the Kings and then house-to-house delivery of presents.

Muro. 19.00: The Kings and Pages arrive at Cami Son Morei, then procession accompanied by the town band and Carabassamba batucada to the town hall square.

Palma. 18.00: Arrival at the Moll Vell. Route - Antoni Maura, Born, Unió, La Rambla, Bisbe Campins, Ruben Dario, Passeig Mallorca, Jaume III, Born, ending at the Casal Solleric.

Palmanova. 17.00: From the Club Náutico.

Pollensa. 18.00: Arrival of the Kings at the Plaça Monument.

Porreres. 18.30: Arrival at the Plaça Moli then to to Plaça Vila. 18.45: Adoration at the church. 19.00: Kings on the town hall balcony. 19.30: Delivery of presents.

Porto Cristo. 19.00: Arrival at the beach.

Portocolom. 18.00: At the pier.

Portopetro. 18.00: At the yacht club.

Puerto Pollensa. 18.00: Arrival of the Kings in the Plaça Miquel Capllonch (church square).

Puerto Portals. 18.00: At the market.

Sa Coma (Sant Llorenç). 18.30: From the Avda. Palmeres to the church. Adoration of a living nativity and handing-out of presents.

Sa Pobla. 17.30: Arrival of the Kings at Plaça Princeps d'Asturies, followed by procession via Ctra. Inca, C. Isaac Peral to Plaça Major.

S'Alqueria Blanca. 19.30: At Plaça Sant Josep.

Sant Joan. 19.30: From C. Major to the church.

Sant Llorenç. 18.30: Kings and the band of music at the town hall, followed by adoration and present-giving at the Plaça Església.

Santa Margalida. 19.30: Arrival of the Kings at the town hall.

Santa Maria del Cami. 19.00: Plaça Hostals to Plaça Vila and church.

Santa Ponsa. 17.00: Kings at the church for mass, with parade from 17.30 and ultimately at 19.00 in the Galatzo pavilion. Hot chocolate and ensaimadas at 20.00.

Santanyi. 19.00: Kings at sa Porta Murada and then to the town hall, adoration at the church and grand parade.

Selva. 17.30: Kings parade from the sports centre to Plaça Major (arriving 18.30). Adoration at the church and then presents.

Sencelles. 18.00: Kings arrive at Plaça Vila.

Ses Salines. 19.30: Kings in front of the town hall.

S'Estanyol. 18.30: Arrival at the yacht club. Adoration at the church and then presents at the yacht club.

S'Horta. 18.30: Kings arrive in the church square.

S'Illot. 18.00: At the pier and then to the church. Presents at the sports centre.

Sineu. 17.00: Children's entertainment by Flip Flop before the Kings arrive. Plaça Fossar. 18.00: Parade from C. Estació to Plaça Fossar and adoration, followed by house-to-house present distribution.

Soller / Puerto Soller. 16.00: Kings arrive at the commercial pier. 18.00: Parade begins in C. sa Lluna and ends at 19.30 at Plaça Constitució. 20.00: Adoration.

Son Carrio. 18.30: The Kings arrive with batucada drummers. Presents from in front of the church.

Son Ferrer. 17.00: From Oronella and to the church.

Son Macia. 19.00: Kings arrive.

Son Serra de Marina. 18.00: Arrival of the Kings at the yacht club, then procession to the church.

Son Servera. 20.00: At the Església Nova for adoration, live nativity with the Sa Revetla folkloric association and then presents.

Vilafranca. 18.00: Gathering of the "royal committee" at C. Sequer then parade at 18.30, arriving at the church at 19.00.

Monday, 2 January
Palma. 17.00 / 19.30: Circo Alegria, Aqua Circus. Son Fusteret showground, Cami Vell Bunyola. From 16 euros (eight for children). Each day at the same times until Saturday. Final shows on Sunday, 8 January at 12.00 and 17.00.

Son Servera. 16.00-20.00: Inflatables, ball pools, workshops, etc. At the sports centre. (Also on Tuesday and Wednesday.)

Manacor. 20.00: Balearic Symphony Orchestra with soloist Felicitas Fuchs - New Year concert. Auditorium, Passeig Ferrocarril. 22 euros.

Palma. 21.00: Strauss Festival Orchestra. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 42-66 euros.

Tuesday, 3 January
Palma. 19.00: "Peter Pan". Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza, Plaça Miquel Maura. (Also Wednesday and Thursday.)

Sa Pobla. 18.00: Christmas clowns. Sa Congregació, C. Rosari 25. Three euros.

Alcudia. 20.30: Benefit concert with vocal group O'Veus. Auditorium, Plaça Porta Mallorca. Eight euros.

Santanyi. 20.30: Benefit for Haiti. TiCorn, Entreveus and others. Teatre Principal. C. Bisbe Verger. 15 euros.

Palma. 18.00: Moscow Ballet, "The Nutcracker" and 21.00 "Swan Lake". Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. Information:

Wednesday, 4 January
Palma. 19.00: Moscow Ballet, "The Nutcracker". Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. Information:

Friday, 6 January
Cala Ratjada / Capdepera. From 08.30-15.00: Delivery of presents.

Campos. 09.30: Kings and floats from the town hall to the Residencia.

Colonia Sant Jordi. From 10.30: Kings' parade from the port.

Maria de la Salut. 09.00: Delivery of presents by the Kings.

Paguera. 09.00: From calles Gaya Mayol and Llorer ending at the church at 11.30.

Sa Rapita. 10.30: Kings arrive at the yacht club, parade to the church and back to the yacht club for presents at 11.30.

Santa Margalida. 09.00: The Kings at the Rectory and then delivery of presents.

Son Caliu. 10.00: From the social centre in the "train of fantasy" via the urbanisation to the royal tent.

Alaro. 21.00: Concert for the New Year by Cabrit i Bassa music band. Alaro Theatre, C. Sant Vicenç Ferrer.

Alcudia. 20.30: Three Kings concert with the Alcudia Band of Music. Auditorium, Plaça Porta Mallorca.

Buger. 19.30: Three Kings concert - Christmas songs, chant of the Sibil-la and performance of part of Llorenç Moya's Adoration of the Three Kings of the Orient. At the church.

Campanet. 19.30: Three Kings concert with the Sant Miquel Choir. At the church.

Inca. (Please check time): Orfeo l'Harpa d'Inca choir and organist Tomeu Manresa. Concert for the Kings. Santa Maria la Major Church.

Sencelles. 19.00: Concert by Cris Juanico and the Coral Sor Francinaina choir. Sant Pere Church.

Deya. 12.00: Moya's "Adoration". Plaça Puig.

Palma. 12.30: Llorenç Moyà's "Adoration of the Three Kings of the Orient". Ses Voltes park.

Santa Maria del Cami. 12.00: Mass which features the chant of the Sibil-la. Nostra Senyora de la Soledat.

Palma. 18.00: Real Mallorca v. Mirandés. Spanish Second Division - Liga 123. Iberostar Stadium Son Moix.

Saturday, 7 January

Sa Pobla - Sant Antoni Fiestas. 18.45: Procession of the Sant Antoni Novenari - the carrying of the sculpture of the saint from the Obreria Sant Antoni headquarters to the church. 20.00: Meeting of the Prohomenia to discuss aspects of the fiesta and to elect the "clamater". This takes place at the church and afterwards there is a barbecue plus rum, glosadors and ximbombas in the church square.

Campos. 19.30: Choral concert for the Kings. At the auditorium, C. Convent.

Colonia Sant Pere. 20.00: Orfeo Artanenc choir - concert for the Kings. At the church.

Mancor de la Vall. 19.00: Choral concerts at the church.

Pollensa. 20.00: Choral concert for Christmas. Sant Domingo Convent Church.

Sineu. 20.00: Muro Band of Music in concert. Santa Maria Church.

Inca. 18.00: Moya's "Adoration of the Three Kings of the Orient". Sant Francesc Church.

Porreres. 18.00: "Frozen". Auditorium, C. d'en Cerdà. 15 euros.

Sunday, 8 January
Palma. 10.30-13.30: Water party at Son Moix sports centre. Free.

Manacor. 19.00: Balearic Symphony Orchestra plus soloists. Mozart's "Don Giovanni". Auditorium, Passeig Ferrocarril. 40 euros.

Vilafranca. 18.30: Sant Joan adult and children's choirs. At the parish church.

Alcudia. 18.00: "Frozen". Auditorium, Plaça Porta Mallorca, 15 euros.

Soller. 11.30: Folk dance with Aires Sollerics. Plaça Constitució.