Archive image of a "patera".


A "patera" boat was found by the Guardia Civil around 14.30 this afternoon. It was beached between Cala Pi and Cap Blanc in Llucmajor and its discovery sparked a search for its occupants.

Officers spotted a northern African man walking in the S'Estanyol area. He was apprehended, and the Guardia Civil believe that there are five other people who have tried to enter Majorca illegally. The boat, meanwhile, has been taken to the nautical club at S'Estanyol. The word "patera" is commonly used to refer to a boat/dinghy used by illegal immigrants.

Last year, there were three landings. On each occasion the boat had been carrying Algerians. Two landed on the Santanyi coast, while the third was in the same area as the one discovered today.


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Steve / Hace over 4 years

Don't be like the tree huging do gooders we have in the uk round them up and send them straight back do not be a soft touch or you will never stop them


Kj / Hace over 4 years

I hope Dios is winding us up? Algerian economic migrants who may or may not be terrorists cannot be allowed in willy nilly. Are you ignorant? Look at Paris/Germany/Istanbul. What an idiot.


S. / Hace over 4 years

Another method of illegally entering Mallorca. Many enter Mallorca from e.g. Germany. Of whom signed the Schengan Treaty. So NO PASSPORT checks occur on Arrival.


Dios / Hace over 4 years

Love and solidarity to those unfortunate souls who have had to risk their lives on that boat. May we embrace the brotherhood of their humanity and not turn our own hearts to stone. Borders are just lines on a map. Lives are precious.