Tourists arriving on the day that the tourist tax was implemented.


The regional government is sending out a clear message to anyone looking to defraud it of tax revenues. There is to be a specific department within the tax inspectorate that deals with combating fraud, and a major target of its monitoring will be the payment of tourist tax. The Tax Agency will therefore be ensuring that hoteliers meet their obligations as do owners of holiday rentals.

A challenge for the government this year is ensuring that tourist tax is charged and paid by holiday rentals, while the hoteliers have been complaining bitterly that it must be paid, given the scale of non-hotel accommodation. In essence, the government is seeking to try and make every tourist who comes to the Balearics pay the tax.

The new department will analyse tax fraud and activities where there are risks of fraud. The finance ministry published official information about the department just before Christmas. This announced that there will be more personnel for monitoring tax fraud.


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John / Hace over 4 years

Tourist Tax is a rip-off and can't justified at all. It's a con. It was a con last time, and it's a con this time. They know it's a con, we know it's a con, the travel operators know it's a con, the hoteliers and the tourists know it's a con. People don't like being conned and will try to avoid it


Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 4 years

Well said Frank. Next we'll be reading that they will be setting up a new heavily-staffed department at the taxpayers expense, so that they can investigate and find themselves innocent.


S. / Hace over 4 years

My suspicions of the Tax, are , How is it accounted ?, How is it spent ?, Will we see accounts ?, I doubt the whole concept of this Tourist Tax. Wll Hotels etc., produce occupation figures, and the amounts of tax collected ?. I doubt the credit ability of this tax, which is wide open to fraud and creative accountancy.


Frank / Hace over 4 years

By far the biggest tax fraud has been commited by the Government themselves, by levying VAT on the tourist tax. There is no VAT on tax.


Mike / Hace over 4 years

Heaven forbid the government don't get there fair share of illgotten gains