The purchase of Es Canons is one of the most costly of the proposals for tourist tax investment.

07-09-2007M. Borrás

The committee for sustainable tourism impetus is sifting through 236 proposals for ways to spend revenue raised by the sustainable tourism tax (the official title of the tourist tax or ecotax). The proposals have a combined value of 218.4 million euros. The committee will, though, only have 30 million euros at its disposal from tax collected in 2016. It has to evaluate the various proposals and then forward the ones selected to the cabinet for its approval.

Roughly half the projects are for improvements to water infrastructure, this having been made a priority. There are 116 proposals worth almost 95 million euros. For environment (land and sea) and agricultural conservation and recovery there are 44 proposals valued at over 62 million, while for heritage and cultural restoration there are 37 projects costing over 38.5 million.

Of the other "purposes" for spending revenue, there are 22 proposals worth more than ten million for tackling seasonality and promoting low-season and sustainable tourism. For innovation and research for economic diversification, climate change and tourism there are eleven projects valued at over eight million, and there are three more (3.3 million) for improving training, quality of employment and jobs in the low season.

Among the more expensive proposals is one from Arta town hall for the purchase of the Es Canons finca for 12.1 million euros, and higher still is the 12.4 million for the water system between Maria de la Salut and Petra. Diversification of sustainable crops comes in at 7.5 million, and a project for Punta Prima in Minorca is valued at 7.3 million.

Projects that are turned down, and a great number will have to be, can be proposed when it comes to the evaluation of spending tax revenue for this year, which will provide at least double the amount.


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Karen tomsett / Hace over 4 years

we were in Mallorca last July and paid the tourist tax, usually we go in October during half term, but we went to Portugal for a week instead, we have booked to go to Portugal for 2017 for the same price in a 5 star hotel as one for 3 stars in Mallorca, we are in our fifties


Laz Henson / Hace over 4 years

It is obvious to me the Government collected much more than the 30M they say they have. 750 flights daily bringing 140k people of say 60% pay the tax? Creates employment in administering it or what is going on? Slush funds?


Andy Rawson / Hace over 4 years

So many pockets to line...


Frank / Hace over 4 years

Sick of people saying it's expensive here. A fully equipped front-line apartment with swimmng pool, sea views and 50 metres to the beach actually costs less than some crumby caravan rental in the UK. Cigarettes, drinks and eating out are all cheaper when compared like-to-like, so stop whinging. If you have no money, stay at home.


Fred-T / Hace over 4 years

Northern Lass, if your never coming back to Mallorca again, why are you so bothered about how the money is spent?? Surely you should be more concerned with whats going on in Greece or Turkey!


Northern Lass / Hace over 4 years

I find this article interesting, if not surprising ! I was under the impression that the tourist tax was to be used to support the ecology of the island, the things which are nothing to do with tourism but would support the maintenance of the natural state of the island. I am therefore quite shocked the some people seem to be proposing "tackling seasonality and promoting low-season and sustainable tourism". In other words, supporting a commercial organisation to make more money for itself. Bizarre ! I thought it was to put back something into the Island - for the land and the people. I paid my last visit to Mallorca in October and, I have to say, it was the most disappointing holiday I have ever had there - expensive hotels and expensive car hire. I left feeling ripped-off. :-(


Wolfgang / Hace over 4 years

Lets hope you are right S. If there are less tourists at the lower end then in my mind the tourist tax is working. I dont really care what its spent on (new cars for politicians, whatever) as long as it reduces tourist numbers. In fact I would increase the tax further.


S. / Hace over 4 years

Many Tourists I have spoken to, are not returning to Mallorca. 1.) The Tourist Tax 2.) The drop in the Euro exchange rate. 3.) Poor food at Hotels with All Inclusive tariffs. 4.) The continuing increase in prices, every January, that are passed on to the Tourist. etc. There are many more complaints, which will escalate in the future.


Holidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

I would have thought a tax raised by the tourists should be used to improve things used by the tourists like the water or the roads. Obviousley the tax has been put on tourists to line the pockets of the people who are in charge of it. !!


Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 4 years

@Phil. You're correct. Huge amounts of tourist tax has been forced on visitors to Palma Nova, but when it rains for more than 15 minutes they have to take off their shoes and socks to cross the streets.

There are no push-button crossings anyhere, so tourists take their life in their hands when crossing the roads here.

There's piles of dog excrement in the children's playpark area, and dogs let to run free because there are no police or park attendants.

There's still a big shortage of public toilets on the beaches - and they're not free, and the free WiFi that they advertise is still hit-and miss. The list goes on.

It's still Third World, and it's scandalous, - even without the tourist tax rip-off, as we also pay exhorbitant taxes to the council too don't forget.