There are bars up for sale or rent along Punta Ballena.


The changes in Magalluf are having an impact on bars and other establishments associated with the image the resort wishes to shake off. In Punta Ballena, representative of this image, there are some twenty establishments with signs to rent, for sale or traspaso: sometimes all three.

Pepe Tirado, president of the Acotur tourist businesses association, believes that this is the consequence of the tourism law having facilitated the transformation of Magalluf, an aspect of which has been the creation of new higher-range establishments on the ground floors of tourist accommodation.

The new market, he suggests, is self-regulating in that it is providing the resort with a new image. Over time, only those businesses which adapt will survive. "There are business owners who have made great efforts. They have adapted to the new image by changing what they offer. Others have not. Hence, there are the signs."

Tirado observes, however, that meeting objectives of change are made more difficult by a tourist season - and so the opening and closing of hotels - getting shorter. This is an observation at variance with how the town hall has been describing developments.

He adds that there has been an "invisible hand" which has assisted in Magalluf's transformation - the local residents. But while there are residents who say that the past twenty years of excess - drugs, rape, fights, prostitution, "balconing" - are ending, there are others who insist that there is still a long way to go. Cheap booze offers may no longer be as prevalent, but issues remain, with the prostitutes at the top of the list.


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Sara / Hace over 4 years

Lawrie, love thy neighbour as thy would love thyself. People are not bad, circumstance forces their hand. I would love to see Mallorca take the lead and be a sort of international commune of peace and love.


Lawrie / Hace over 4 years

Sara, why dont we empty the jails and direct them to your house. You would make them all feel welcome I'm sure. After all you seem to have a leaning towards the worlds pond life.


Sara / Hace over 4 years

John and Frank, it seems you both have anger issues and are misogynists. There are no borders in our small world, if Romanians, African, prostitutes whatever we should welcome them all. You should rise above hatred and embrace fellow humans of the world. I would gladly let migrants use my house. I suggest igbis you who need to go back to school.


john / Hace over 4 years

Why dont we set up a school for prostitutes and educate them !!! Sara you a joke you obviously dont live where they work and terrorise not only holiday makers but residents too . DEPORT THEM ALL


Frank / Hace over 4 years

Sara you are right. What could be nicer than living among thousands of poor African refugees.


Sara / Hace over 4 years

Shame on you Lawrie. These poor migrants have had a terrible life. They are forced into prostitution to live. Rather than throwing them out we should be embracing them and spending money on educating them. Whats more we should let more in as Mallorca isnt doing enough to let African migrants in from war torn areas.


Lawrie / Hace over 4 years

The most important thing is to get shot of the illegal imigrants, sorry prostitute thieving scum. They should be rounded up and deported forth with. How long would I last, a white anglo saxon protestant, if I stood around street corners late at night openly mugging people? You're right I'd be arrested and banged to rights in a breath.


Mike / Hace over 4 years