Cala Deya, the popularity of which has led to traffic issues. | G. Alomar


Cala Deya, where there has been an increase in the number of visitors in recent summers, is to have a quarter of a million euros invested in it. The town hall is spending this on winter work to reorganise and improve access, although the funding is in fact coming from the Council of Majorca via its special plan for assistance to municipalities with fewer than 5,000 residents (Deya is most certainly one of these).

Attempts to bring order to the area date back to 2002, when the town hall established an ORA blue-zone parking system. Nevertheless, the mayor, Magdalena López, says that there are problems in summer because of the number of cars, while there isn't safe access for pedestrians.

This safety issue is a priority, but the project also involves improving traffic movement and the creation of sixty parking places in the area closest to the cove. There is to be a small roundabout to aid vehicle manoeuvring, while the steps to the beach will be improved, the walls will be rebuilt, lighting will be enhanced and accessibility for people with reduced mobility will be created.

A further project for beach regeneration, while also a town hall priority, will probably not be undertaken until next year.