There are now improved inspections of horses in Palma.

09-07-2012Miquel A. Cañellas

The parade for horses and carriages in Palma's calle Conqueridor will be moved to a location by the ports authority building. Councillor Joan Ferrer (transport) says, as he has in the past, that the Conqueridor stop is not good for the horses because the slope in the road doesn't allow them to rest properly.

The carriage owners have rejected the new location, something which surprises Ferrer, as during a meeting with them they didn't say anything about it. Moreover, the owners have not proposed an alternative site.

Ferrer made the announcement regarding the move in response to Ciudadanos (C's), who were wanting to ensure that parades are adapted to horses' health needs while at the same time being in the right places to give good service. The councillor said that measures have already been adopted to increase inspections of horses.

Although he announced the move, Ferrer added that a switch is not straightforward as it has to take account of the volume of tourists and concerns that the horses might be frightened. The initial intention had been a re-siting between the customs and harbour master buildings, something that the ports authority ruled out.

Bartomeu Cañellas of the C's noted that the carriage owners have met demands made by the town hall and have attained required standards' certification.

On a separate matter, the administration has agreed with a proposal from the C's for a network of public toilets to be established. It hasn't agreed, however, with a proposal that they should have advertising as a means of funding them.


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