Residents' complaints about drunken tourism in Playa de Palma have been mounting over the years.

09-08-2016Patricia Lozano

The spokesperson for the Arenal citizens' association, Biel Barceló, says that the residents of Playa de Palma are losing the battle against drunken tourism.

He claims that that absolutely nothing is being done this winter to bring about a change. "The feeling we have as residents remains the same. There is a great deal of scepticism because we see no interest in addressing the situation, despite the many promises made by the town hall."

Hotels will, he notes, be opening earlier. Some of them are preparing to open this month, which means a lengthening of the season. Meanwhile, there is advertising on the internet which promotes Majorca and Playa de Palma as destinations for drunken tourism.

Last April, there was a party in the street which was denounced by the residents. The video of that party is being used, says Barceló, as an incentive to attract tourists.

The blame for this and for what residents have to put up with lies with local authorities. "They don't do anything and nor do they act on their promises of investment."

At a meeting last week with the councillor for Playa de Palma, Helena Paquier, residents' attitudes turned to anger when Paquier said that the lack of action by the town hall was due to the "Montoro Law" of national finance minister Cristobal Montoro. Budget restraint means a lack of public employees, she explained. In addition there were the cases of alleged corruption affecting the town hall.

"Her words were not appreciated, and there was some confrontation with neighbourhood groups," says Barceló.


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Mike(Belgium ) / Hace over 4 years

I am totally not related to Arenal, but it is disappointing to hear that the authorities or council do not give a positive responds to the residents requirements there. On the other hand, if you decide to live there or even buy a holiday home, you surely must know what you are heading for . I went to Arenal in 1981.... and even then it was already a very "drunken- fighting scene" with noise throughout the night Never went back even at that time I was only 21