The work of Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the greatest composers of all time and the grand master of Baroque music, is coming to the Balearics in a series of concerts that comprise the BachCycle.

Between February and April there will be five concerts performed by the BACHrroc Ensemble, which is made up of musicians from the Balearics as well as from overseas, such as Canada and the Czech Republic. The programme includes the first performances in the Balearics of two of Bach's most important works - the "Easter Oratorio" and "Ascension Oratorio".

Cities likes Montreal, Barcelona and Las Palmas have a cycle of Bach concerts, an the organisers believe that the Balearics should provide a cultural event dedicated to Bach in the low season, given that his works are highly appropriate for the time of year. The concerts will, therefore, act as a further boost to low-season cultural tourism, with the first being staged at the auditorium in Palma on 14 February.

Bach's career in the cities of Köthen, Leipzig and Weimar will be reflected in the concerts. The programme brings together Bach's sacred and secular music, with the Cantata 209 in this latter category and being of a springlike character; it will be performed at the end of April. Other works, in addition to the outstanding choral oratorios, include solo vocal pieces such as the Cantatas 82 and 158 as well as those for oboe and flute. The cycle will also present works by the most outstanding librettists of Bach, such as Salomon Franck and Christian Friedrich Henrici.

The first concert at the auditorium starts at 20.30. Tickets are available online at Subsequent concerts are 25 February at Santa Tereseta, Palma; the Puig d'en Valls Church in Ibiza on 26 February. The remaining two, the first of which will be in Majorca and the second in both Majorca and Minorca, will be in March/April. Exact details have yet to be announced.

More information can be found on the Bachrroc Facebook page.