The sculpture that will mark the centre point of Majorca. But is it the centre?

A sculpture is to be placed in Costitx to mark the centre of Majorca. The town hall bought this sculpture some fifteen years ago with the intention of putting it up and marking the central point on the island. At present it is still in the possession of the sculptor, Joan Ramis, who has been exhibiting it as part of Ramon Llull Year: the seven-metre high sculpture was inspired by Llull.

According to Costitx mayor Antoni Salas, Costitx is the only place to have been studied by the University of the Balearic Islands and to have been accredited with having the island's central point. But is this the case?

There are other places in Majorca which claim to be the centre. Sineu and Sencelles have both made their cases, and so has Lloret de Vistalegre. Indeed, it had seemed as if the debate about the central point had been settled once and for all, and that a spot in Sa Comuna, the common woods of Lloret, was the centre. The university was in fact involved in a study along with Eptisa, a map-making company, and the National Centre for Geographic Information. They all agreed that the centre was located in Sa Comuna, where there is a 1.7 metre high stone that marks the spot. Costitx would beg to differ.