Residents will no longer be entitled to a discount on the Soller train.

07-10-2007Andrew Ede

From the start of April, the discount for residents travelling on the Soller train will no longer apply. This follows a complaint lodged with the European Commission by a German citizen and the commission's instruction to the Balearic government that it has to remove the discount because of discrimination on nationality grounds.

The regional director-general for transport, Jaume Mateu, said yesterday that the European Union believes that resident discounts amount to unequal treatment of people from other countries. The government was told that if it didn't stop the discount, sanctionary proceedings would be initiated.

Mateu added that his directorate is working with the Ferrocarril de Soller company on a system which rewards passengers who use the service more than once.

A single ticket on the train costs sixteen euros, but for residents it is seven euros.


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Ron / Hace over 4 years

Steve - as I understand it - this dreadful and extremely damaging tourist tax is to be paid by everybody who stays in a registered hotel or apartment/villa, resident or otherwise. As a resident in the north my wife and I and daughter and her family would frequently enjoy an overnight stay in a Palma hotel to avoid a late night drive home. No more - of course - We will not contribute to this ridiculous tax, which hopefully will be abolished soon as unworkable as the previous one was.


Phil Barnes / Hace over 4 years

Ridiculous, there is no difference between this discount for residents and giving residents preferential or dedicated parking


Sandra wright / Hace over 4 years

The discount for residents should remain ( why do people have to interfere with other countries laws and discounts for the people who LIVE there ) Shame on the Governmentto discontinue the discount .The local people need to complain and get a Petition started. Does this German person live on the island? Has he worked and paid taxes to Majorca. I holiday in Majorca and don't expect to receive the same discount as the people who live there. Yes I spend money while on holiday ,but that's my choice how to,spend ,a trip on the train ,or local bus eating out buying a coffee. Same as anyone else.


steve / Hace over 4 years

The correct answer is (as used in other countries eg London Transport TFL) is season tickets.


Steve Palma Nova / Hace over 4 years

This is an old article. Today's news is that residents can be assured that the discount for them is not in danger.


S. / Hace over 4 years

I thought that this train , was a Tourist Train ?. The tunnel to Soller, will soon be free. Perhaps the use of this Train, needs further investigation, and designated TOURISTS ONLY.


Mike(Belgium ) / Hace over 4 years

Do we need the Eu for these kind of things ? Nothing else to do ? Pathetic


Steve / Hace over 4 years

I wonder if he complained about the tourist tax? That is only applied to non-residents. Why has our EU representative not complained about this and explained why it is wrong?


Mike / Hace over 4 years

Just reinforces the brexit vote the eu is a great big circus run by clowns thank god we are OUT ,


Ged Tierney / Hace over 4 years

This is the type of European intervention that persuaded so many Brits to vote out.