This will not be the first time that there has been a concerted police campaign to check on dogs.

12-11-2011Alejandro Sepulveda

Palma police are to launch a campaign to check that bylaws in respect of the control of dogs are being adhered to. The community police and the Green Patrol will be on the beat in all parts of the city, starting with the coastal district from Portitxol to Arenal. The controls will take place in the mornings, at midday and in the evenings, and the Son Reus centre has provided the police with chip readers in order to check that dogs have been chipped.

Officers will be making sure that documentation is in order, that dogs are on leads - except in areas where they are allowed to be let loose - that owners are picking up excrement and that potentially dangerous dogs have the required insurance and are muzzled.

Infringements can result in fines from 60 euros up to 3,000 euros. A light sanction, for example, is for a dog not being on a lead in areas where it should be or for not picking up excrement. However, repeat infringements increase the level of fine. Not having documentation or insurance for potentially dangerous dogs are considered to be examples of very serious infringements.


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holidaymaker / Hace over 4 years

Santa Ponsa is a great place and I know the man has the same bag on his lead and he walks on with his dog as the residents all joke about it. I visit Santa Ponsa 4 times a year for many years and yes i do see this man on a regular basis and so do residents and yes I have witnessed him and his dog walk on after leaving a mess. The pavements around the marina in Santa Ponsa are really bad if you'd like to take a look !!


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Holiday Maker, Santa Ponsa must be an extremely boring place if all you have to do is watch the same man walk his dog for years with the same plastic bag (how can you possibly know that it's THE SAME plastic it dated or numbered.?) tied to his dog's lead and lets his dog defecate and never cleans it up.


Mina / Hace over 4 years

Well it's about time. I'm very pleased with this new law. Where I live in Mallorca there is poop everywhere and I mean everywhere. I run in the morning and I need to watch ever step. It's also unsanitary for humans to live like that. Please continue . Thank you


Holiday maker / Hace over 4 years

This is long overdue. They need to get themselves to Santa Ponsa as its discusting and its common to see dog owners just letting the dogs foul the pavements then just walk on without picking up the dog mess. The thing that makes me laugh is its their own enviroment they are destroying. People go on so much on this site about tourists and just turn a blind eye to the dog owners who live there and who are walking dogs without any bags to collect the mess. I notice one guy walking his dog in Santa Ponsa and he has had the same plastic bag tied to his dog lead for years and just lets his dog mess anywhere and then justs walks on.