The ice-cream kiosk was removed at the start of this month.

02-02-2017Elena Ballestero

The Gelats Valls ice-cream kiosk in Puerto Pollensa may have been removed, but the legal consequences of the affair look set to drag on. An Inca judge has opened proceedings which seek to clarify if there is substance to a charge of malfeasance.

This is specifically to do with the complaint registered last July by Café Capuchino 1919 against the current mayor, Miquel Angel March, the former mayor, Tomeu Cifre Ochogovia, and members of the town hall's board of government who attended a meeting of 5 May 2015. At this, it is suggested, there was alleged malfeasance (abuse of public office) in respect of allowing the Valls family to continue using the kiosk without there being a public tender.

The court ordered the criminal police in Pollensa-Alcudia to obtain a copy of the file related to the concession of the public space from Pollensa town hall. This was under a judicial order of 31 January, only two days before the town hall removed the kiosk and also said that there will not be a tender.

Essentially, what happened at the May 2015 meeting, when Cifre was still mayor, was that there was an extraordinary authorisation to use the kiosk that was not to be extended beyond the 2015 season. The court is looking into this decision and the corresponding documentation and also into a meeting of the town hall's board of 13 June, by which time March was mayor.

He, March, has confirmed receipt of the court's communication, noting that all documentation is being put together in order to be formally sent to the court. He says that these are the same files that the courts already have in respect of the legal challenge by the Valls family, which had sought to prevent eviction from the kiosk on the grounds that it had an old concession dating back decades.


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Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

Ms Formby. Can you back up your claim with facts ?. If I had anything to do with the Boulevard Group, I would take legal action against you.


Michele Formby / Hace over 4 years

So even though the Boulavard Group managed to get their own way and got rid of the hut They are still requesting action against the Mayors Lets hope the courts vigorously look in to Vals claim that they have a right to stay Very bad for puerto pollensa and the regular loyal tourists who love the way things were


James Martin / Hace over 4 years

Be as condescending as you like Mr Simms but yes, the Puerto Pollensa Valls Ice-Cream Kiosk presence, status and contribution to the local community for over 50 years provided and achieved that.


Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

"it provided a social contribution to the character of the Port and its long standing presence resulted in it gaining cultural and historic local importance"

An ice-cream outlet ?


Sandra Wright / Hace over 4 years

Have to agree with James Marin the kiosk was NOT a Eyesore but a local landmark of Puerto Pollensa ( just ask all their customers who eat their ice cream ,loved by the local people and thousands were f tourists) Politics again at its best ? Hope this nonsense gets sorted and the kiosk gets back to its home. Back in September this year so I hope to get my ice cream from the Kiosk.


James Martin / Hace over 4 years

"That monstrosity of a hut" and its predecessor huts had been there 50+ years Mr Simms. It's your opinion and you are entitled to it but, as far as I'm concerned, its presence added character to the Moll. It also provided a social contribution to the character of the Port and its long standing presence resulted in it gaining cultural and historic local importance. Its removal and the whole political and judicial process surrounding its removal leaves a lot to be desired.


Julian Simms / Hace over 4 years

I have no idea who is right or wrong, but one thing is for sure, the corner and the paseo look a lot better without that monstrosity of a hut sitting in the middle of it, blocking everyone's view. Also, I think it would be worth mentioning that the capuchino mentioned in the article has nothing to do with the well known cappuccino chain.