Marc Pons, Alfonso Rodríguez and Biel Moragues all smiles, but only fleetingly. | Pere Bota

The meeting last week between the four taxi associations, the minister for transport, Marc Pons, and the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez, did little to break the deadlock between the government and taxi drivers over the new airport bus services to key holiday destinations around the island.

As far as the cabbies are concerned, the only new service they will accept is one from the airport to Cala d’Or and slammed the government’s plan as "ridiculous". Biel Moragues, president of the association of self employed taxi drivers, said that what the government is doing "makes no sense at all".

"What we should all be doing is looking to make the maximum use of the public transport hub in Plaza de Espana and there should be better links, for example, from the airport to Son Espases Hospital for people flying in from Ibiza or Minorca. We need to be working together for the good of the general public, not being pitted against each other," he added.

For that reason, a 24-hour taxi strike has been announced for 6 March and a series of protests and strikes will be held over the Easter holidays. More details of exactly what the taxi associations are planning will be revealed on Monday.

On behalf of the government, Pons said that he thought that all parties made some ground towards reaching a solution. Not according to the taxi drivers.