Pedro Horrach, who led the prosecution of Iñaki Urdangarin. | Pere Bota


The anti-corruption prosecutor Pedro Horrach has admitted that "pressures" often arise because of corruption investigations. The prosecutor of Iñaki Urdangarin, Diego Torres and Jaume Matas in the Nóos trial was echoing what has been said by the outgoing chief prosecutor in Murcia, Manuel López Bernal, who has spoken about "intimidation". Bernal is being relieved of his post, having complained about "intolerable" pressures; he has been investigating alleged corruption involving the Murcia president.

Horrach said yesterday that the pressure is intensified in small regions such as the Balearics or Murcia. It shows up very much more; "you have to learn to live with it," he observed. He explained that he has in the past received threatening letters as well as insults directed towards him and his family. He has reported threats to the National Police, but is more relaxed about insults.

He added that all the prosecutors in the anti-corruption unit in Palma have been warned on more than one occasion that they are being watched and followed. Counter-surveillance measures have therefore needed to be adopted. He doesn't know who has been behind this but said that he understands there are investigations. The most important thing is to let the police and judicial authorities know.

He stressed that he has never been put under pressure by his superiors in the prosecution service. "I have never received any pressure and nor would I have accepted it."