Lighting by Balneario Six last summer.

05-08-2016Alexander Sepasgosarian

Playa de Palma residents are warning that there will be an increase in robberies because the promenade and beach are much darker since there was a change of the lighting.

The president of the Arenal-Platja residents association, Francisco Nogales, explains that the town hall has this winter substituted street lights on the promenade between Can Pastilla and Arenal with spotlights which do not have the same level of illumination. "You can't see anything because they are much lower and the field of illumination is limited. The street lights were higher and lit up the beach."

He says that residents are complaining because they are afraid of being robbed if they go for a walk when it's dark. In all the meetings held to consider security in Playa de Palma, he adds, the police have always highlighted the need for good lighting as a means of improving security.

The association is therefore demanding that the street lights are reinstalled and that if they are not in good condition then they should be renewed. He says that the situation has been brought to the attention of the councillor for Playa de Palma, Helena Paquier.

The councillor for infrastructure, Rodrigo Romero, says that some 300 street lights were removed because they were in a poor condition and in danger of falling down. He accepts that the lighting isn't good and adds that the town hall is working on a project that will require 2.5 million euros funding, which is being sought from the Playa de Palma consortium or via the tourist tax. He insists that illumination from the spotlights will be improved in time for the summer.


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Peter MacLeod / Hace over 4 years

As a tourist, i don't feel safe in Playa del Palma.

Last night I had my phone stolen after leaving a bar.

While walking a short distance from Bierkönig (a large german bar) to Carrer Llaut (one of the main streets) to get a taxi, 2 girls approached me. It was immediately obvious they were hookers. They were african in origin. One started talking to me and tried to take my arm. I firmly told her I wasn't interested and was going to get a taxi. While this was happening the other girl must been to the other side of me and stole my phone from my pocket. I realised this had happened just 20 or 30 seconds later, but by then it was too late.

I reported this to the police...they showed no interest in trying to stop this happening - they weren't willing to take descriptions of the girls or any account of the event. They made it obvious the report was purely for insurance purposes.

I was caught off guard...I expect this kind of thing to happen in Madrid or other large cities. I didn't expect it to happen in a resort in Majorca. Now I know better. i won't come back to Playa del Palma.


Henry James / Hace over 4 years

Perhaps Senior Romera would like to explain to every single tourist how lighting a beach at night benefits them in any way,shape or form and why that should not be paid for by local,resident taxpayers.?