The Portol "sardine" isn't buried; it goes on the bonfire. | Pere Bota

Monday, 27 February
Montuiri. 10.00-14.00: Son Fornés Archaeological Museum. For Balearic Day celebrations. Open doors. (Until 1 March.)

Palma, Balearic Day traditional market, craft, folk music and more. From 10.00 with Kinfumfa demons at 20.00. Passeig Sagrera.

Palma. 08.30-22.00: Fair to promote Balearic products with quality marks, e.g. protected designation of origin. Parc de la Mar. (Runs until 1 March.)

Palma. 10.30: Guided tour of the Almudaina Palace. (Until 1 March; open doors at the palace on 1 March from 10.00-18.00.)

Palma. 16.00-20.00: Open doors at the Balearic parliament. (Until 1 March.)

Palma. 19.00 / 19.50 / 20.40 / 21.30: Actors give guided visits of the Consolat de la Mar and La Llonja. (Also 28 February.)

Palma. 18.30: Biel Duran - jazz and classical piano. CaixaForum, Plaça Weyler 3.

Tuesday, 28 February
Palma, Balearic Day traditional market, craft, folk music and more. From 10.00. Passeig Sagrera.

Carnival - Burial of the Sardine
Alaro. 19.00: Parade through the streets. 20.00: Barbecued sardines plus bread, wine and water. Three euros, party ends at 24.00. Casal Son Tugores.

Campanet. 21.00: Dance for the last days of Carnival. Casa Cultura.

Inca. 19.30: Departure of the committee and band of drums and cornets from Plaça Antoni Fluxa.

Lloseta. 19.30: Parade plus Sandungueros samba band. From C. Mestre Antoni Vidal to Plaça Joan Alcover. 20.45: Bonfire and barbecue.

Manacor. 19.30: Departure of the funeral committee from Plaça Convent to C. Rossello. Followed by sardine BBQ.

Mancor de la Vall. 19.30: Funeral committee leaves the town hall. Bonfire in Plaça de Baix. 20.00: Barbecue three euros (in advance by 24 February at the town hall).

Marratxi. 18.00: From C. Major to Plaça Ca'n Flor (Portol).

Son Carrió. 20.00: The burial plus accompaniment from xaranga group Los Estupendos Burruños. Sardine barbecue and music from Swing 3. At the sports centre. (Tickets one euro from the town hall office.)

Palma. 11.30 / 14.00 / 18.00: Tramuntana folk group (Minorca); 20.30: La Kunfusión Flamenca. Sa Feixina park in front of the Jaume I school. Free.

Palma. 17.00: Arrabal de Santa Catalina choir, Passeig Born. 19.00: Majorca School of Music and Dance, Passeig Born.

Palmanyola. 22.00: Manel and Zelisko Band. Son Amar. 23 euros.

Soller. 22.00: Jansky (electro verse - poetry and electronics). Escolapies Chapel, C. Batac. Free.

Wednesday, 1 March
Palma, Balearic Day traditional market, craft, folk music and more. From 10.00. Giants at 13.00. Pipers at 14.00. Horse show at 17.30. Kinfumfa demons at 20.00. Passeig Sagrera.

Palma, Balearics Day. 11.00-18.00: Children's entertainment. Shows, games, workshops and more. Ses Voltes park.

Palma, Balearics Day. 13.00: Giants and children's activities. Sa Feixina park.

Cala Millor. 17.00: Solo de Flamenc + Leonor Leal. Sa Maniga Auditorium, C. Son Galta 4. Free.

Palma. 12.30 / 15.30: Campos Band of Music at the Passeig Sagrera market.

Palma. 13.00: Salvatge Cor. Consolat de la Mar courtyard, Passeig Sagrera. Free.

Palma. 14.30: Monster of Palma (funk). Sa Feixina park in front of the Jaume I school. Free.

Palma. 18.00: Cor de Son Dameto choir. Sant Sebastià Church, C. Rafael Rodríguez Méndez. Donations for cystic fibrosis.

Palma. 18.00: Havaneres songs and choir, Passeig Born. Free.

Palma. 20.00: Tomeu Penya & Geminis, Passeig Born. Free.

Pollensa. 17.30: Ballugall - folk music; followed by doughnuts and hot chocolate. Sant Domingo Cloister, C. Guillem Cifre de Colonya. Free.

Thursday, 2 March
Palma. 20.00: Thomas Rüedi, Pep Burguera, Yuko Mizutani - pianos. Conservatory, C. Alfons el Magnanim 64.

Friday, 3 March
Cala Millor. 20.30: Marcel Cranc - avant garde pop. Sa Maniga Auditorium, C. Son Galta 4. Ten euros.

Palma. 20.00: Isis "Apache" Montero - Latin, flamenco jazz fusion. Real Club Náutico. Ten euros (free to members).

Palma. 21.00: Morat - Latin folk pop from Colombia. Trui Theatre, Cami Son Rapinya 29. From 35 euros.

Palma. 21.00: The Wheels - psychedelic pop. Teatre Mar i Terra, C. Sant Magi 89. 15 euros.

Pollensa. 20.00: The music of Shakespeare - actor Rodo Gener, soprano Marga Rodríguez and pianists Maria Victoria Cortes and Francesc Blanco. Works by Mendelssohn and others. Museo Dionis Bennàssar, C. Roca 14. Ten euros.

Saturday, 4 March
Marratxi, Fira del Fang (ceramics fair). 11.00: Opening of the fair. 11.30: Pipers, giants and bigheads. 17.30: Kalemba percussió batucada. 20.00: Toni Vich i Motjar Artiach El Bouzidi. Sant Marçal showground.

Palma. From 11.00: Expo Palmadona for International Women's Day. Fitness sessions, starting with Zumba at 11.00. Children's entertainment at 19.00. Plaça Espanya.

Muro. 19.00: Allegro with drummer Jaume Noguera. Part of the Miquel Tortell Music season. Santa Anna Church. Free.

Palma. 18.00: "Frozen", the musical. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 25 euros. (Also Sunday, same time.)

Sunday, 5 March
Marratxi, Fira del Fang (ceramics fair). From 10.30. 12.00: Terra Roja - folk music/dance. 17.00: Ball de bot dance. Sant Marçal showground.

Palma. From 11.00: Expo Palmadona, with run at 12.00. Plaça Espanya.

Palma. 18.00: Macbeth - Verdi's opera. Various soloists plus the theatre's choir and the Balearic Symphony Orchestra. Teatre Principal, C. Riera 2. Ten to 65 euros. (Also Wednesday, 8 March.)

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